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Timothy Papandreou

Founder of Emerging Transport Advisors

Google X and Waymo
strategic partnerships
Presentation Topic : Future proofing our cities through smart mobility strategy
Presentation Topic :
Future proofing our cities through smart mobility strategy

This presentation will focus on how to best position and future proof our cities for the great SEA (shared, electric, automated) change coming to the transport system. When it comes to the movement of people and things, the last 5 years have seen more transformation than the previous 50.  The next 10 promise to profoundly accelerate that change. This SEA transition will upend  how we traditionally plan, design, operate, finance and manage our transport and rights of way.

We are at the beginning phases of the sunsetting of our traditional transport system and the dawning of the new digital, active, shared, electric and automated transition. It will not happen in every city at once, but it will eventually reach every corner of the planet.

Timothy is the founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors providing strategic guidance to companies, investors, startups and governments on the emerging active, shared, electric, connected and automated transport transition.  He is a trusted thought leader in both technology and government with extensive global experience in the movement of people and things. Previous roles  include strategic partnerships at Google X and Waymo, where he collaborated with teams to prepare the company’s commercialization, set up first-in-kind partnerships to launch the world's first highly automated mobility as a service, Chief Innovation Officer for San Francisco’s municipal transportation agency, where he lead cross-functional teams to deliver high profile initiatives including;  the US Smart City Challenge; the Strategic Work Plan which met its 50% sustainable mode share goal 3 years early; major multimodal, shared mobility and mixed-use redevelopment public/private partnership projects; and the Mayor’s Vision Zero traffic safety program. His unique insights and thought leadership draw from his varied experience and strong track record to join the dots, lead teams, build partnerships and deliver innovation.

- University of California, Los Angeles / Masters Urban Planning (Transportation)

- Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology / Bachelor Applied Sciences