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Benjamin Insang Yoo

Vice president of LG CNS

LG CNS Smart SOC Biz Unit Vice President
Smart City Business Unit Senior Director
Presentation Topic : The sustainable, self-sufficient future city of Sejong
Presentation Topic :
The sustainable, self-sufficient future city of Sejong

In January 2018, the Korean government announced its national vision and strategy for smart cities: to create and propagate smart cities for urban innovation and the creation of future growth engine. Specifically, their vision includes 1) the introduction of differentiated approaches for different growth phases of cities, 2) the introduction of customized technologies to enhance the value of cities, and 3) a clear definition of roles for the private sector, citizens, and the government.

The smart city pilot project in Sejong will be completed with a combination of these three strategies, aiming not just at an administrative capital, but also at a self-sufficient future city and digital capital. It pursues its own urban philosophy, with the introduction of smart service close to citizens and the innovation of a space that encompasses everything mentioned above.

A model capturing the vision of Sejong City will be created not just by the introduction of one-off revolutionary ideas for related key projects, but also by evolving it through constant revision and re-creation.

Furthermore, the direction is an economically vibrant self-sufficient future city (economic growth) with ample new jobs through sustainable development.

In the 1st Sejong Smartcity Forum, the presentation will share with you the blueprint for Sejong, national pilot city.


 - (2020.) LG CNS Smart SOC Biz Unit/Vice President 

 - (2019.) LG CNS Smart City Business Unit/Senior Director

 - (2018.) LG CNS Smart City Business Group/Director 

 - (2010.) LG CNS Smart Transportation Biz. Group/Director 

Major projects

 - (2020.) Sejong Smart City National Pilot Project

 - (2018.) Incheon Airport information service robot (Airstar), AI-based automatic X-Ray Imagery Diagnosis Biz. Lead Manager 

 - (2017.) World-leading Smart City R&D Project Planning Lead Manager

 - (2014.) Bogota / Colombia, Athens / Greece Transportation Card System Lead Manager 

 - (2012.) Korea's first/largest electric vehicle car sharing (Nanum Car) project Lead Manager

 - (2003.) Seoul new transportation card system (T-Money) business strategy planning

- (1994.) Graduated from Daejeon High School 

- (1999.) Graduated from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University (Summa Cum Laude)