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Park Sehyun

Professor, Graduate School of Intelligent Energy and Industry of Chung-Ang University

Energy Technology Infrastructure Committee, MOTIE
Advisory Committee, KETEP
Presentation Topic : Citizen-led energy innovation service
Presentation Topic :
Citizen-led energy innovation service

In order to establish a sustainable eco-smart city, the interest of citizens is required. Furthermore, technology, infrastructure, and a change in perception are needed, so that citizens can actively participate in energy innovation services.

First, regarding the technology aspect, we should create an energy independence plan by providing an innovative service specialized in energy based on an integrated smart city platform (① intelligent energy, ② energy prosumer, ③ smart energy data analysis, ④ specialization in renewable energy, and ⑤ integration with a small-scale platform between city energy and security.)

Second, through an energy-centric model among data, platform, service, and governance, the infrastructure for an energy innovation service needs to be built.

Lastly, from the aspects of sharing, platform and governance, respectively, opportunities should be expanded for citizens to participate, experience, and plan through an energy innovation service. Moreover, there should be a business model and service plan centered around consumers who will be actual service users. However, it should be noted that perception needs to change, so that citizens can actively engage in this model.

- (current) KRF, Four BrainKorea21, Research Laboratory of Intelligent Energy and Industry, Research Director 

- (current) Korea Land & Housing Corporation, LH-CAU Smart City Innovation Center, Research Center Director

             Sejong City 5-1 Living Area Smart City Energy Platform Construction: First Town Establishment in 2021

- (current) Digital Twin-based Smart Energy City Convergence Technology Development and Professional Staff Training

- (current) KETEP, AI based Energy Sharing Data Center, Center Director 

- (current) KETEP, Renewable Energy Biz Platform with Digital Twins Research Center, Center Director 

- (current) KRF, Problem Solving Center for Future Smart Energy System, Center Director 

- (current) MOTIE, Expert member of the Energy Technology Infrastructure Committee 

- (current) Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation Advisory Committee 

- (current) Vice President, Korea Information Security Association

- (current) The 4th Energy Technology Development Plan Committee, Smart Energy Division Head

- (Previous) IITP, Industrial Security Research Center, Center Director 

- (Previous) MOTIE, Smart Energy IoT Research Center, Center Director 

- (Previous) MKE, Professional Staff Training, Head of Planning Committee 

- (1994. 06. ~ 1998. 10.) Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

- (1986. 03. ~ 1988. 02.) M.S. Degree in Electric Engineering, Chung-Ang University 

- (1982. 03. ~ 1986. 02.) B.S. Degree in Electric Engineering, Chung-Ang University