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Park Giljoo

Director of MiraeIT

Director of MiraeIT Research Institute
Presentation Topic : Safety and Operation Management Service for Urban Gas Pipeline Using Drones and IoT Technology
Presentation Topic :
Safety and Operation Management Service for Urban Gas Pipeline Using Drones and IoT Technology

Even though the urban gas pipeline is part of the national infrastructure, it is managed by private urban gas companies. In 1994, urban gas leaked through a crack in an automatic valve in Ahyeon-dong, the resulting explosion causing 123 casualties and damage to 145 buildings. In 1995, a damaged urban gas pipe in Daegu resulted in leakage and an explosion, causing 220 casualties and property damage equivalent to 60 billion KRW. As such, considering their social and economic impact, accidents involving the urban gas pipeline entail sizable damage, requiring a strengthened national disaster management system.

Current regulations demand in-person safety inspection for excavation sites and urban gas facilities. Although laws require at least one inspection per day for an area where urban gas pipelines are buried, the entire pipeline stretches for 42,500km across the country, including low- and mid-pressure pipes. Therefore, in-person inspection of the entire system is difficult. Furthermore, as pipelines are usually buried near roads, there are constant risks of accidents. With in-person inspection, real-time risk detection is also difficult.

With this demonstration project, we developed a system that can perform safety inspections constantly from a remote location using smart meters, such as drones and IoT devices. Using drones and artificial intelligence, gas leaks and excavators can be detected automatically at excavation sites. Vibration sensors detect external shocks, and electrostatic sensors monitor corrosion of underground pipelines. Also, smart meters installed in households will manage gas usage, while automatically detecting and shutting down gas leakage.

An integrated real-time monitoring system for the entire urban gas pipeline will ensure safe operation of the urban gas supply and the safety of smart cities.

- (2021.) Director of MiraeIT Research Institute

- (2020.) Master's Completion in disaster safety management, Soongsil Universtiy

- (1999.) Graduated from Korea University Department of Computer Science